Thank You for Attending The 2018 Elite Shotguns Classic!

The 2018 Elite Shotguns Classic at Conservation Park in VA was a huge success with awesome people and high scores! It was great to see old friends and new faces and we are honored to have had each and every shooter take the time to come out from across the country. We are so proud of the men, ladies, and juniors from Team Elite Shotguns and Team Kolar! The Classic has become one of the top-ranked skeet shoots in the USA as well as one of the top-ranked shoots for juniors.

This year we had a wide variety of skill levels from the best shooters in the country to those getting started in competition. It was exciting to see huge smiles for first 100’s, shot up hats and best scores. The new Kolar Arms 200 event was a success, helping Paul Giambrone reach a 600x600 and HOA champ! The Classic provides the opportunity for first 100’s and top scores because people take the time to help each other out and encourage one another regardless of skill level, male or female, young or old. Let’s continue to strive for a shooting culture that is positive, supporting and high performing so our younger shooters can carry on the tradition. At the end of the day, it’s about who we’ve lifted up, who we’ve made better.

We look forward to seeing you next year and supporting your shooting journey!
Elite Shotguns


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