A big thank you to all the shooters and their families that came out and made this event a great success!  We had a great mix of shooters from those that shot at their first ever registered targets to some of the very best shooters in the world and a lot more of us somewhere in between.

No matter your skill level this is what we at Elite Shotguns believe makes a successful shoot, juniors, women, men and their families coming to together to support and encourage each other in this game we all love. There’s nothing like seeing young up and coming shooters having the opportunity to compete with and learn from the best our game has to offer.

Yes, shooting 100’s and winning is important but let’s not forget it’s also setting the stage for our youth to keep this sport moving in a positive direction through good sportsmanship and spirited competition.

Congratulations to all the competitors! We hope to see you again next year.

Sincerely, Elite Shotguns

Click the button below to give us your feedback from the shoot, it will help us make the Elite Classic 2018 even better!

CH: Paul Giambrone
RU: Craig Parsons
3RD: James Barnard

CH: Craig Parsons
RU: Chad Sims
3RD: Nick Marsden

CH: Craig Parsons
RU: Katherine Adams
3RD: Paul Giambrone

CH: Steven Bivins
RU: Allen Mccannon
3RD: Dessislav Ivanov

CH: Craig Parsons
RU: Michael Schmidt
3RD: Stuart Brown

CH: Paul Giambrone
RU: Steven Bivins
3RD: Gabriel Tharpe

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