Elite Shotguns Traveling Mobile Showroom with Aaron Willoughby

This is a fantastic opportunity to demo Kolar and Zoli shotguns as well as products from Silver Seitz, Ranger Professional Shooting Eyewear, Pilla Performance Eyewear, Lonesome Charlie’s Leather and EAR.

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L&B Premier Arms was the top selling Kolar dealer on the Western USA – while Elite Shotguns sells more Kolar Guns than anyone. John Ramagli at Kolar must have thought, “Why don’t I introduce these two entities because I’ll bet something great will come of it.”

Once this threesome met that’s when the idea of L&B Elite came to the forefront. So what is L&B Elite? For starters, this new company is on site at the National Gun Club in San Antonio – with their own select space there. The World Skeet Shooting Championships and the National Sporting Clays Championships are held there. Shooters at both these major shotgunning events now have the opportunity to inspect, peruse, even shoot both the Kolar and Zoli shotguns.

Another member of this emerging alliance is Aaron Willoughby, a multi-time KY state team member since a sub-junior, and has won numerous satellite grand and state level titles. Aaron’s focus in this venture will be the new Elite Traveling Showroom – a truck that will visit both top shoots and individual clubs. That truck will have 30 – 35 Kolar and Zoli shotguns on board – again for shooters to inspect, peruse and even shoot.

Dan Lewis told me, “This is a new sales model and our way of exposing the Kolar and Zoli guns to more and more shooters – compared to having customers walk into Elite Shotguns and L&B Premier Arms.”

Dan Lewis also told me that through both stores and the truck – they hope to sell every Kolar gun that can be made. All four of these entities, Lewis, Burke, Gerber and Willoughby, feel the Kolar gun is the finest competition shotgun made, and they are out to convince the shotgunning world of that feeling. The Zoli, despite being somewhat lower in price, is one of the best values – they think.

Bill Burke told me that L&B Elite will grow as Elite Shotguns and L&B Premier Arms grows, but that the added exposure of the store in San Antonio and the traveling truck is going to have a huge impact on Kolar and Zoli sales. It already has, but that sales potential has hardly been touched. As 2016 moves forward both Kolar and Zoli sales should increase dramatically. Most days during the World Skeet Shooting Championships and the National Sporting Clays Championships – all four will have a presence there – Gerber, Lewis, Burke and Willoughby.

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Elite Shotguns Traveling Showroom Schedule

For questions regarding the Elite Traveling Showroom
contact Aaron Willoughby at 606-481-0955.

This truck always carries 30 – 35 Kolar and Zoli competition shotguns – as well as a variety of shooting accessories.

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