The way that Aaron and the rest of the people at Elite Shotguns treated me during my time of purchasing a Kolar shotgun from them, was one of a kind, they were very patient and helped me with every question that I had before, during and after my purchase. Even followed up as to how the purchasing experience was with me a few months later, it was a very personal experience to work with Aaron on this deal. I thank the whole staff at elite shotguns for what they have done and continue to do for me.

A very happy customer

Harvey Schultz

I received my check and want to thank you for the excellent work that you did in selling my Zoli Shotgun. Not only do you have the marketing ability to find a buyer for the gun, but your influence with Zoli USA proved essential in getting my fore end problem solved.

I would be happy to recommend your company to any fellow shooters; I only wish that Glenshaw was closer to Newport News! Thank you, again for all of your help.

John Frantz, MD

I wanted to thank you for the exceptional service that I received while in your store on Saturday. I have purchased quite a few guns, from quite a few dealers, over the years. I have never had a shopping experience like the one I had in your store. All of you were well trained and very knowledgeable regarding the specific pros/cons of each shotgun.

As I mentioned on Saturday, I have had major reconstructive surgery on my right shoulder. Over the last few years, I have struggled to shoot trap. I really enjoy trap, but, the pain had me ready to throw in the towel. Every “recoil reduction” measure that I tried had some effect…but, left me in pain for days to follow.

Your expert staff taught me the appropriate way of selecting a shotgun. Your laser sighting station clearly directed me to the “type” of shotgun that “fits” me. Your staff recommended the Beretta A400 XCEL (Sporting 12 gauge 28″ barrel with Kick Off). You had explained the benefits of Beretta’s hydraulic shock absorber and the Kick Off recoil pad.

I had an opportunity to shoot my new shotgun on Sunday. I am 100% convinced that I purchased the right shotgun for me. I have zero discomfort today. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me!

Glen Whitfield

I wanted to thank you again for your very generous support of the PRYC Trap Shoot. This year we netted nearly $20,000 for the organization but we couldn’t have done so without the loyal support of Elite Shotguns. On another note, I love my Zoli!



When we were looking to purchase a shotgun for our son we really shopped around but we kept coming back to Elite Shotguns because of the price and the customer service.  The forearm on the Kolar we bought needed to be custom made and Aaron went above and beyond to make sure it could be done exactly right before we made the purchase.  Even after our purchase Aaron and Elite Shotguns has continued to give us great customer service.  Thank you for a great buying experience Elite Shotguns!

Thank you!

Daren, Michele & Cooper Wyatt

I want to thank you for the time you and Brad spent with me on the Kolar Max Lite Blue CRT 1.  I’m sure you are accustomed to customers talking your ear off, but you and Brad exhibited immense patience as I worked out how to afford it, and asked a hundred questions. I realize you have sold thousands of guns, but I haven’t purchased a gun this expensive ever before. 

Seeing as how I don’t take it for granted, I just wanted to say thanks. 

Also, Brad was absolutely impressive with his detail, patience, and thoroughness in helping me with this purchase. He took the time to show me everything about the guns internal components, which I am always keen to know. 

Elite Shotguns has my loyalty for life. 

Be seeing you! 

Don Stallings

Elite Shotguns has amazing customer service & support!We are very happy with the purchase of my son’s Kolar Max TA. Aaron Willoughby was very helpful from the purchase & beyond. He is always willing to help with any questions you might have and he helps you find a solution to your concerns. It’s nice to see him out shooting on the line and I know that he is more than a gun salesman! Aaron is a gentleman and a great guy! Thank YOU!!! Have a great year and thank YOU for all your support!

Beth Perry

Huge shout out the Donny Watt and Bob Woods at Elite Shotguns in Glenshaw PA!

They took on some issues I was having with gun fit from a recent purchase. I was sold the wrong gun plain and simple.

Donny did everything he possibly could to help me make my bad purchase work. The time Donny took, the explanation, the education, and the perfect gun for the right reasons made my experience memorable and enjoyable. These guys are fantastic to deal with. They answered every question, gave sound advice, direction and information I was completely unaware of. I will not buy a gun from any other source. I have had a frustrating month trying to get my gun issue taken care. Elite Shotguns are the only folks that took the time and made the effort to meet my needs.
Jim Johnson

I just bought my new Kolar Max TA combo at the grand this year. I love the way the gun fits me. It is lighter, and there is hardly any kick. I am satisfied with my decision to shoot a Kolar, as well as dealing with Aaron at Elite Shotguns, because he took a lot of time at quite a few shoots to get me adjusted into exactly what I needed. I definitely recommend Kolar and Elite Shotguns for anyone’s next purchase. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks! Raymond Scharrer

Raymond Scharrer

Aaron and the guys at Elite Shotguns are top notch. Their knowledge and expertise are first class. They make sure you’re fitted properly and take the time to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. The service after the sale is what sold us. They truly care about the customer!

Paxton and Hunter Morton